Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Three Beautiful Love Letters ...

                                       The Genius ,The Master And The Anonymous.

Love, is the most empowering force that any human could enjoy and experiment beyond any limitation or expectation.

Many letters have  been written in the name of love for thousands of man and women’s sharing their heart, with the universe of memories and moments suspended in a landscape of unforgettable moments.

This time I would like to dedicated my column to three persons in history  that I have found and who have written letters expressing their love in special ways,different times, different places..

The Genius 

Love letter from Influential Physicist,Richard Feynman To His Wife.

Oct 17,1946


I adore you, sweetheart.

I know how much you like to hear that-but I don’t only write it because like it- I write it because it makes me warm all over inside to write you.
It is such a terrible long time since I last wrote you,almost two years but I know you’ll excuse,me because you understand how I am.stubborn and realistic.I I thought there it was no sense to writing.
But now I know my darling wife that is right to do what I have delayed in doing,and that I have done so much in the past.I want to tell you I love you.I want to love you.I always will love you.
I find it hard to understand in my mind what it means to love you after you are dead-but still want to comfort and take care of you....and I want you to love me and care of me.I want to have problems to discuss with you-I want to do little projects with you.I never thought until now that we can do that...When you were sick you worried because you could not give me something that you wanted..I love you in so many ways....

My darling wife. I adore you.
I love my wife.My wife is dead.

This is only part of the letter writing by Feynman to his wife that was 25 years old and pass away in 1945.16 month later he wrote this letter but remained unopened until his death in 1988.

The Master

The Inmortal Beloved 

My angel,my all,my very self-only a few words today and that with pencil. Not till tomorrow will my lodgings be definitely determined upon-what a useless waste of time .Why this deep sorrow when necessity speaks can our love endure except trough sacrifices,trough not demanding everything from another: can you change the fact that you are not wholly mine, I not wholly thine...

Though still in bed,my thoughts go out to you,my inmortal beloved,now and then joyfully,then sadly,waiting to learn whether or not fate will hear us-I can live only wholly with you or not at all.Yes I am resolved to wander so long away from you until I can fly to your arms and say that I am really at home with you,and  can send my soul enwrapped in you into the land of spirits, yes unhappily it must be so,you will be the more contained since you know my fidelity to you.....

My Angel,I have just been told that the mailcoach goes everyday ,therefore I must close at once so that you may receive the letter at once.be calm.only by a calm consideration of our existence can we achieve our purpose to live together calm ,love me today ,yesterday...
Never misjudge the most faithful heart of your beloved.
Ever thine
Ever mine
Ever ours.

Ludwig Van Beethoven.

This is just part of the unsent love letter to unknown addressed  that was found after Beethoven’s death.

The Anonymous 
August 25, 1989

Why Do I love You

I guess the way that I have acted lately is very contradictory to what I am about to write.
I can go on forever about how you light my heart. ignite my passions .I wish things could be so different; now I miss your touch,the smell of your hair ... from the first kiss I loved you... the longer we were together the more I loved your goodness, your heart and soul. maybe the things in you that I wanted to be . maybe we will never be together, but the love we shared will always stay in  my heart , I love everything about you from your soul to your funny little toes ...every minute with you was magic, brought out the passion and fire in my heart that I thought was long gone ,, I love you for you and making a better me.

I love you, from the the first kiss to the end of times ..I love you for all the things you are ,I love you for all you brought out in me.I love you for being you.



Love is always  the root.

Silvia Fassardi